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Chicago Deferred Exchange Company

Important message from Wintrust Founder & CEO
Ed Wehmer

To the clients and communities we proudly serve,

During the last two weeks, the nation has witnessed firsthand the death of George Floyd followed by our nation’s profound response advocating for the change that is so desperately needed.

Our communities are hurting. Many have spoken out. We wanted to take the time to really listen to those who have not been heard. Today, we join those voices in fullthroated support for social change and an end to racial discrimination in all forms.

For nearly 30 years, Wintrust has proudly served our communities. Now as much as ever in our history, Wintrust stands with our Black communities and neighborhoods. We stand with them in the fight to eradicate racism and unfair treatment.

This letter is our first step in living up to our responsibility as advocates for this change. In the coming weeks, we will engage team members and our network of community partners and leaders to further foster equality and social justice. At the same time, we will bring the full weight of our considerable resources to bear as our communities rebuild from the losses that have been endured. In so doing, we will forge a better path for our future and for our children – TOGETHER.

During these times, we need to remain strong and support each other. Please stay healthy and safe. Thank you for your business and trust in Wintrust.

You will hear from us again soon!

Signature of Edward J. Wehmer

Edward J. Wehmer
Wintrust Founder & CEO